My Pledge:

I will work to ensure that county funds are allocated responsibly for the needs of county residents. I will strive to establish or expand services protecting the health and safety of county residents.

Among the issues I want to see addressed in Comal County include:

1. Ensure that Comal County revenues are spent on projects, facilities and services for the benefit of county residents. Cease 'gifting' county funds to other entities.

2. Expand the Comal County Office of Health to include:

A. County Medical Examiner

B. County Health Inspector

C. Medical Review/Complaint Board

D. Drug & Alcohol Addiction Prevention, Counseling and Rehabilitation Programs

E. Suicide Prevention and Counseling Programs

3. Allocate county funds to establish a Comal County No-Kill Animal Shelter in Canyon Lake that the county staffs, operates and maintains.

4. Return the control of the Animal Control Department to the Commissioners Court or put it the Comal County Health Office. Remove the Animal Control Department from the Sheriff’s Office.

5. Direct the Comal County Sheriff, the Criminal District Attorney and each of the four (4) Comal County Justices of the Peace and the Comal County Medical Authority to fully and strictly do their part to enforce state and

county Animal Control Statues, Orders and Regulations.

6. Create a position Comal County Elections Administrator. Replace current county voting machines with ones that create a paper audit trail to protect the integrity of all county election results.

7. A. Do the research indicated or required and take all possible action to ensure future development in the county is sustainable, environmentally responsible, is fulfilling a need for county residents and is a compatible use of land that poses no health or safety issues for residents.

B. Appeal, immediately, to the state legislature for more control of county land.

8. Ensure the county's transparency and availability of public information. Have all Public Information generated by the Comal County Commissioners Court, as well as, all other county offices and agencies, and their departments, immediately be placed online and available to county residents, 24/7, at no charge, with no restrictions, limitations or requirements obtaining permission, incurring a wait or requiring a physical visit to obtain access to the public information.

9. Address the Comal County's Sheriff's Office's failure to provide public information and its lack of transparency by requiring the Sheriff's Office and its Animal Control Department to create a web site and post a daily log, for the public, of every call the Sheriff's Office and its Animal Control Department responds to. Each log entry must include the nature of the call responded to. This public information must include all calls, including calls that involve sexual crimes, suicides, murders, domestic violence, battering, and dog attacks and bites.

10. Provide a county funded facility to house a Canyon Lake Community Center and a Canyon Lake Senior Activity Center for the 70,000+ residents who reside outside the New Braunfels city limits.

11. Cease paying rebates, in various forms, to private companies wanting to move or establish businesses in the county. As the second-fastest growing county in the United States, Comal County, at this time, does not need to give away money to induce businesses to locate here.

12. Direct Comal County Agencies, Offices, EMS/ Firefighters, N-P's, Organizations and Chambers of Commerce to coordinate with each other and use well-documented official county population figures in all their communications, literature and online sites to ensure the public, and others, are receiving accurate, or at the least, county population figures that aren’t contradictory.

13. Purchase land to create Comal County owned, operated and controlled parks and hike and bike trails. Currently, the county owns no free, open-year-round public parks for the use and enjoyment of county residents and visitors. The county owns a couple of ‘hike-n-bike’ trails. The ‘parks’ operated by the Army Corp of Engineers are not free, are not open year round and many are closed for long periods of time due to a ‘claim’ of not having the money to operate them.

14. Obtain training for members of the commissioners' court and/or whoever else is responsible for the soliciting and awarding of bids for county building and rehab projects.

15. Encourage and assist county residents in evaluating Comal County's entrenched system of indoctrination including the University of County Government, the Sheriff's Citizen Academy, Jr. and soon to be 13-18 yr old

Academies and the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce Leadership Training, and other free ‘training’ classes and schools.

16. Educate residents of their right, and responsibility, to hold all public officials accountable. Encourage and assist the residents to form an Officials Evaluation Board to determine the competency of Comal County Officials and to monitor their offices to ensure each public servant is fulfilling his or her oath-of-office and adequately performing their duties as public servants.