Democratic Candidate for 
Comal County Commissioner Precinct #4 
Vote: November 06, 2018.

"As Commissioner I will work to eliminate the waste and inefficient use of county funds in Comal County government, expand and improve services to ensure the health and safety of county residents and practice full transparency and personal dedication to serve residents."

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*Ensure county funds are spent to benefit county residents.

*Create a ballot audit trail. Protect the integrity of county elections.

*Address the county's failure to provide transparency & public info.

*Petition TX Legislature to 'beef up' TCEQ's Offices of Air and Water.

*Continue support for the "STOP 3009 VULCAN QUARRY" movement.

*Cease paying 'rebates' to private companies to locate in the county.

*Streamline the solicitation and awarding of bids for county projects.

*Greatly expand services of the Comal County Office of Health.

*Establish a County Animal Shelter & Relocate the Animal Control Dept.

*Develop a Canyon Lake Community Center and Senior Center.

*Reconcile contradictory population estimates of county visitors.

*Provide a shelter and other services for Comal's homeless population.

*Allocate funding for Survivors of Sexual Assault & Domestic Abuse.

*Investigate county’s system of free schools, training and academies.

*Inform residents of their duty to hold public officials accountable.